Monday, September 12, 2016

Pre first day of the 100 day challenge

Technical difficulties...somedays I love my Samsung phone and days like this weekend I don't.  I used to be able to plug my iphone into the computer and access the files like it was a computer.  Now I have to upload my film to Google drive and WAIT it seems like forever and then download to my computer to process.  WHAT A PAIN!

Ok, so today is actually day 1 of the 100 day challenge.  My day starting off like crap.  Problems and issues, none of them mine but they became mine.  But I did prevail and get my workout in.


  1. Squat 
    1. bar only (45#) warmup
    2. 65 - 10
    3. 75 - 10
    4. 85 - 6
  2. Leg extensions
    1. 25 - 12
    2. 35 - 12
    3. 45 - 12 ish
  3. Lying leg curl
    1. 25 - 12
    2. 35 - 12
    3. 45 - 10 ish
  4. Sumo Squat 20# dumbell 3 sets of 10 (they were kinda easy)
Taking it a bit easy since I haven't lifted in about 3 months.  Going to do legs 2x per week.  Different exercises and also adding some to this rotation too.

Wednesday is shoulder and back day!  Excited for this one.

Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Blog

Adsense is a funny thing.  I tried to create a new blog for this new venture in my life, and I can't link an adsense account to it based on several criteria.  Since I believe this may take off as it is intended to inspire and teach about nutrition and fitness, I have decided to change this blog so I can access my adsense.  Waiting 6 months was out of the question.

I am going to remove all my tags from the posts and try and clean up as much as possible over the next few days.   I'll leave them here but you may have to shuffle through them to find what you want or maybe Google can help you.

 Hopefully you will stay and enjoy the new blog that will be filled with challenges, cooking, how to manage your nutrition (I will not use the word diet!), and exercise.

So mark your calendars because on September 13, 2016 I am putting into practice what I have learned through my ISSA course on Sports Nutrition and starting a 100 day challenge with my friend Amanda.

I'll explain more in a later post.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Changes coming in 2015

2014 has been by far the craziest year of my life. I can't even believe how fast it flew by.  And we are already in March!  Where has the time gone?

I started a new job and its been keeping me extremely busy. Good and not so good. I can say no to my customers but I can't help myself and always say yes. Ugh.  

I still have tomatoes in the freezer that I have to process into sauce or hot sauce or ketchup. I have no room in my freezer until that is done.   UPDATE:  I really have no room.  Purchased 1/8 of a cow.  I know really 1/8?  I split a quarter with someone.  That will change next year as I hope to be raising my own.

I have done some things this year I never thought I would do. And you'll be hearing about this in upcoming videos. 

I have made a pledge to stop eating factory farm food as much as we are able. Growing our own food and cutting out what processed food we can. I will be talking about that and GMO (a very touchy subject) in future videos too. If that is something you are interested make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and google plus page.

I will still be posting videos on crafting, homesteading, canning, gardening, cooking and whatever else I feel like sharing.  I can't promise to post on a regular basis but I'll be posting.


I have made some changes already to my Pinterest, google+ and YouTube pages.  Yeah!  I figured out how. 

You may have already noticed the change to my blog name.  It is something that reflects me personally now and going forward.  I have some personal changes going on in my life, I may share - or may not :), but this is a start.

For those  YouTube channel is now:

Good Shepherd Homestead


Good Shepherd Homestead


Good Shepherd Homestead

And you are obviously on my blog with the new name.

So until next time.....Blessings

Monday, December 16, 2013


This is from last Sunday.  I don't know why my posts aren't making it to live status!  Ugh!!!

I'm calling this the official snow of the season.  What was supposed to start about 3 started at 11am!  I went into work and was supposed to work until 3:30 but left 2 hours early.  It took me 1-1/2 hours to get home. Unreal!  Sat in traffic for almost 1/2 of it due to an accident.  The car only made it a few feet in the driveway but its off the road so it's staying there.

Right when I left work this was what I saw. Figured it would be a fun ride home. 

Stay warm!

Savings at Michaels.....

If you haven't done all your decorating or holiday shopping check out Michaels stores!  Lights are 30% off and most of the Christmas holiday items are up to 70% off!

Our store is out of trees, have been for weeks, but there are still plenty of garland, wreaths, ornaments and kids crafts left. 

We also just got back in stock the nice decorative boxes with the magnetic lids.  If you need storage these are great!

I'm off to make some last minute (is there anything but last minute?) Christmas gifts for the Preschool teachers.  Need them by Wednesday.  No pressure!  LOL!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Here's the post before I do my review.....It's about Martha.

We all know Martha right? You probably own a bunch of her stuff, just like me. I like Martha's products and I like to talk about them. I own a lot of different manufacturer's products and I talk about them too.  Some good, some bad, some just ok.  But where do you get your best reviews from?  People who use the products.  People like me and you. 

Well, Martha has something to say about that!  Apparently she isn't fond of us common folk bloggers.

Here's the video, I started it at the point where she talks about social media.

Martha on social media

To say the least I'm disappointed.  I hear a lot of people that come to my work say they won't buy her product because of her insider trading.  And now she's slamming the very people who push her product.   I did recently purchase her loom knitting kit but so far I like it so I can't say I would return it.   I do think this is going to hurt her. 

I believe Martha needs to understand that us bloggers are putting HER PRODUCT into the hands of other crafters.  We may not be editors of Vogue but we have a bigger voice and a wider audience than she does!

Here's OkiLadyBug's post on the subject.  She's nailed it for sure.

Okieladybug has a few words for Martha Stewart.

Friday, December 6, 2013

It's a rainy Friday and so much to do

Well it's Friday and why not it's raining to boot!  It's not that I mind the rain but it makes me want to be in bed.  I am out but not for anything fun. Doctor visits. Ugh!

I'm going to try and do some sewing this weekend. I'll have some time today and tomorrow and work again Sunday. Right in the middle of the day. Boo! 

I picked up some extra hours this week. I don't think I'll do it again. 3 nights in a row I didn't get home before 11 pm. I am beat!  

I want to comment on something I saw in another blogger's post recently. But right now I'm on my phone penning this post so I have to wait until I get home. I want to be sure to include her link and the video link here as well. 

So stay tuned its coming in the next day or so.  And its ironic in its relationship to the review I'm going to be doing!  

Have a great rainy day!!!