Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Blog

Adsense is a funny thing.  I tried to create a new blog for this new venture in my life, and I can't link an adsense account to it based on several criteria.  Since I believe this may take off as it is intended to inspire and teach about nutrition and fitness, I have decided to change this blog so I can access my adsense.  Waiting 6 months was out of the question.

I am going to remove all my tags from the posts and try and clean up as much as possible over the next few days.   I'll leave them here but you may have to shuffle through them to find what you want or maybe Google can help you.

 Hopefully you will stay and enjoy the new blog that will be filled with challenges, cooking, how to manage your nutrition (I will not use the word diet!), and exercise.

So mark your calendars because on September 13, 2016 I am putting into practice what I have learned through my ISSA course on Sports Nutrition and starting a 100 day challenge with my friend Amanda.

I'll explain more in a later post.