Monday, March 2, 2015

Changes coming in 2015

2014 has been by far the craziest year of my life. I can't even believe how fast it flew by.  And we are already in March!  Where has the time gone?

I started a new job and its been keeping me extremely busy. Good and not so good. I can say no to my customers but I can't help myself and always say yes. Ugh.  

I still have tomatoes in the freezer that I have to process into sauce or hot sauce or ketchup. I have no room in my freezer until that is done.   UPDATE:  I really have no room.  Purchased 1/8 of a cow.  I know really 1/8?  I split a quarter with someone.  That will change next year as I hope to be raising my own.

I have done some things this year I never thought I would do. And you'll be hearing about this in upcoming videos. 

I have made a pledge to stop eating factory farm food as much as we are able. Growing our own food and cutting out what processed food we can. I will be talking about that and GMO (a very touchy subject) in future videos too. If that is something you are interested make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and google plus page.

I will still be posting videos on crafting, homesteading, canning, gardening, cooking and whatever else I feel like sharing.  I can't promise to post on a regular basis but I'll be posting.


I have made some changes already to my Pinterest, google+ and YouTube pages.  Yeah!  I figured out how. 

You may have already noticed the change to my blog name.  It is something that reflects me personally now and going forward.  I have some personal changes going on in my life, I may share - or may not :), but this is a start.

For those  YouTube channel is now:

Good Shepherd Homestead


Good Shepherd Homestead


Good Shepherd Homestead

And you are obviously on my blog with the new name.

So until next time.....Blessings