Saturday, December 7, 2013

Here's the post before I do my review.....It's about Martha.

We all know Martha right? You probably own a bunch of her stuff, just like me. I like Martha's products and I like to talk about them. I own a lot of different manufacturer's products and I talk about them too.  Some good, some bad, some just ok.  But where do you get your best reviews from?  People who use the products.  People like me and you. 

Well, Martha has something to say about that!  Apparently she isn't fond of us common folk bloggers.

Here's the video, I started it at the point where she talks about social media.

Martha on social media

To say the least I'm disappointed.  I hear a lot of people that come to my work say they won't buy her product because of her insider trading.  And now she's slamming the very people who push her product.   I did recently purchase her loom knitting kit but so far I like it so I can't say I would return it.   I do think this is going to hurt her. 

I believe Martha needs to understand that us bloggers are putting HER PRODUCT into the hands of other crafters.  We may not be editors of Vogue but we have a bigger voice and a wider audience than she does!

Here's OkiLadyBug's post on the subject.  She's nailed it for sure.

Okieladybug has a few words for Martha Stewart.