Sunday, November 10, 2013

A handmade Christmas plus an update

First the update since it's shorter.  I painted another 2 walls today.  The one I swear took FOREVER.  Then I realized, it runs the whole width of the house (front to back).  No wonder!  I have to get a second coat on it but that goes much faster for some reason.  After that I can start putting things in place.  Whew the end is in sight.

By now you all know i started working and I just found out, call me a retail newbie, that soon we are open until 10pm and then 11pm.  WHAT!!!!  Ugh I guess I didn't know what I signed up for.  I just hope my schedule doesn't change from 5-9:30 to 7-11:30.  I don't mind the late time, yet, but give me a few more hours at least.

So with all the new job stuff going on and I feel like I'm running constantly since starting this job and I am planning on making Christmas presents.  Yep I'm crazy!!   I found some cute zipper bags that look easy to make on the internet along with a felt beanie pattern I want to try.  I'm going to fill the zipper bags with goodies from Bath and Body works.  I have quite a few people I can do this for and they always have sales on at that store.  And then they can use the bag again for travel or what ever.

This is a similar bag I saw on the internet...

And the felt beanie

Both of these can be seen on the Crafty Gemini's blog

Her tutorials are great and easy to follow.  And the beanie pattern is free on her site.  She also has another version with ear flaps.

So that's the latest.  Hopefully next time I will be setup and maybe have a project or two to share!