Friday, October 18, 2013

Update.....sorry I haven't been here more often but....

Well it hasn't been the most productive week or two.  My husband was away to see the Eagles play in Tampa over the weekend, I was sick and in bed while he was gone and my oldest had to take care of the youngest...which is no easy task!   And on top of it I had to go shopping for clothes to wear to work.  Being a stay at home mom and self employed (I could work in my pjs if I wanted), I really had nothing that would be ok for work.

We went to the outlets, BIG mistake.  It was Columbus Day weekend.  The BUSSES!  Holy cow.  You would think there was no place to shop in NYC.  Besides the fact that I hate shopping, yes probably the only woman that HATES shopping, and being sick it was no fun at all.  I had to try on clothes and was sweating I had to deal with crowds.  One woman in line was almost in my back pocket...literally!  I tried to take a step forward but she Velcro-d her self to me.  Ugh!  That's my other thing I don't like, crowds and people getting too close.  I know I have issues.

I really wanted to get the room painted but as you can see it didn't happen.  I am beginning to think that I'm not supposed to do that! 

Football season finally is over for the year.  Last night was the last game.  I have a few pictures to post but they are still on the camera.  I'll get them up later today.  Our boys did a great job this season.  Our coach is awesome, makes sure everyone gets a chance to play.  I heard them ask each player if they had played in the game last night and put them in if they didn't . 

AND!!!!!  I started working at Michaels!  I'm so excited.  And boy does the time fly while I'm there.  I haven't been in a Michaels in so long that I didn't realize they carry 7 Gypsies and some other cool things!  I get to peek while I'm working so I can check things out.  :)

I have to get my day started.  Preschool drop off and doctor for an allergy shot then home to do laundry.. Yuck.

Have a great day!