Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The popular items this year.....the next silly bands?

Well working at Michaels has been awesome.  Not so awesome I have to play cashier.  Not that it's a bad job....I don't like handling money.  In fact, it's borderline worse than cleaning a public toilet.  Money is dirty....ick!  And one of my wonderful associates had to put a visual in my mind last night.  Just imagine how many of those dollar bills we handle have been in a strippers butt.....GROSS!

Ok but on to other exciting things.

Halloween items are on clearance.  Someone came to my register yesterday with Martha Stewart test tubes....and where are they hiding I wonder.  I NEED some of them.  (yes here we go....the dangers of working at this store!).

No Christmas scrapbook supplies are in yet.  Not until November.  HUH?  All the other glittery Christmas things are there.   And, yes, at the end of the night I look like one of those people with the dollars in their butts....all glittery!  Without the extra cash.  :(  LOL!

So this new hot item is the Rainbow Loom.  Have you heard of it?

 I must be playing Patrick Starr and living under a rock.  Comes with the loom, hook tool and 600 rubber bands.  Never heard of it until I started working at the store.  $18.01 with tax thank you.  And NO COUPONS under any circumstance.  You know how many people are angered by that!  Oh my.  It's not on the coupon as an exclusion I have been told by some rather irritated customers.....but it is on the sign on the display, thank you.  Not what I really want to say but I have to be nice right?!?  :)

I'll have to talk to my boss about doing some kind of video of product like some of the other retailers do on YouTube.  You can get a first hand look at what's hot!    Now to just pin him down long enough to talk about that.    It's been so busy I couldn't get away from my register to get my lunch last night.  My light is off and people still come to the line.  And then get mad when I tell them I'm closed.  Sorry!

Ok I'm heading out to work.  Maybe I'll get to peruse the store a bit tonight!