Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Got paint?

I finally picked up my paint from Home Depot.  $72 for two gallons and I was talked into the primer/paint all in one deal.  I used a paint brush and did one wall, a small one, and I'm not sure about the color.  Why does it look so much different in a BIG swatch than the smaller one from the store.  Maybe two coats will be better.

I'm  hoping to get two walls done today.  I have to piece meal it due to what is in the room and things that need to get moved.  Oh and that hole I had to fix in the wall.  Taking longer than I anticipated.  Then there is this work thing....  I'm off three days this week and Saturday.  I have a ton of things planned and I hope they get done.  I'd like to get one project completed at least.

It's a little streaky and I know it needs a second coat.  But I couldn't resist trying it out.  It looks like dark yellow mustard.  Hoping it looks better when done, but it does look good with the carpet.