Monday, September 30, 2013

Going, Going, gone....and another update.....sigh.....and a big announcement!

Sorry Provo Craft about selling out, however I am happy to announce......drumroll please....

That I have purchased a cameo!  What!  Yes, I bought a cameo. 

I been eyeing the one on HSN for a while and finally bit the bullet.  And I'll tell you why....

I had the Silhouette software on my computer for a while now and been playing with all it's functions.  OMG!  AMAZING!

I made some borders, some book plates and scallop circles and squares.  It's so easy to create in this program.  I wish I could draw so I could make my own flourishes. 

And today I saw a video on youtube how a lady took all the designer paper and cardstock from the stampin up program into the Silhouette software.  And before your jaw hits the ground....the punches and dies too!  So now you can resize, cut and print and cut from this machine.

Ok, before I give myself a happy headache with what all this software can do, I have one thing to say to Provo Craft.

Why didn't you do this?  Why did you sue Make the Cut instead of embracing this technology?  If your machines and software (cricut craft room) worked anything like this I would have never jumped ship.  You need some vision over there.....just sayin....

And now the room update.  It's on hold a little longer.  It started to get crisp here and since the stinking deer ate all, yes ALL, my tomatoes I had to go and purchase them at our local Amish farm.  $6/bushel.  I may just buy them like this next year!  I got 3 bushel and I'm through 1-1/2 ish of them.  Canned 7 quarts of tomato sauce (no spices), and 7 quarts of potatoes.  So what you say, it too, me all of 5+ hours to do.  The tomatoes cooked about 18 hours after I ran them through the strainer to remove the pulp and juice and the potatoes have to be peeled, cut, cooked and then canned.  What a chore, but well worth it in the winter when it tastes just like it was picked that day. 

I also made these yummy snacks!  Pumpkin Whoopie Pies...if you are from the Lancaster PA area you know these are at every Amish stand....well the chocolate ones are.  I used a recipe from Martha Stewart.  They are divine and very sweet!

That's all for now!