Friday, April 6, 2012

Recycle for Earth Day - Create a Planter

This cycle of projects is to celebrate Earth Day by recycling. For my project I also incorporated a lesson in gardening for my little one. We have a garden and grow our own veggies every year. This year we expanded and planted asparagus and strawberries. They won't produce until next year but it's going to be worth the wait! I like to have my kids learn where their food comes from, and see how much work it really is.

I started with a Blue Bunny ice cream container. These are nice because they are plastic and can withstand some water. I highly recommend the flavor's so yummy!

I used some of my "test" prints from my Imagine to cover the outside. I knew a full piece wouldn't fit all the way around so I pieced it in panels. The side, pink panels I ran through my cuttlebug with the bird on vine folder. I added the ribbon around the top of the container. It has a ridge around it where the lid rests and I just needed something. The bow I tied on it's own and added with a glue dot.

We planted the Mammoth sunflowers in this container. We aren't supposed to plant these outside until May. I figured I would get them started and transplant them next month when the weather is warmer. Although we are getting some pretty cold nights here in PA. I don't think the weatherman got the IT'S SPRING MEMO!

Before adding the dirt to the container, I added some small-medium size rocks to the container for drainage.  Yes I took a picture of rocks, LOL!  It is important for container planting.

The butterflies on the front are from a K&Co. pack I got years ago and they matched perfectly. Don't you just love when that happens?!?

For the paper flowers, they are from Stretch your Imagination and the only thing I did cut specifically for this project. I used Enjoy the Seasons Imagine cartridge for the colors and pattern. I couldn't find my dowl rod I had to put these on so I used some old paintbrushes. Just taped the flowers to the brush and stuck them in the dirt. It's just reminder of what we are growing.

In about 7-10 days we should see some little plants forming. It's going to be exciting!

Thanks for joining me and be on the lookout next week for some more great recycling projects!