Thursday, February 2, 2012

The project of the day is....a butterfly...

My son just loves Sesame Street and his favorite phrase is "The letter of the day is ___". Usually the blank is filled in with something silly, like: 4, Spiky (our dog), Alex (his brother), mom, truck.... So that is why the title today.

I had an idea for a craft project for him. We used a paper towel center, cut it to 5" in length and constructed a butterfly. I used the butterfly from the Gypsy Wanderings cartridge and made it about 5". Flood filled it with a pattern from hopscotch and print/cut it on very heavy cardstock.

I'm not sure what the weight of it is but it has to be close to 150#. It was an accidental purchase from a local stamp store, she thought it was 80#, verified with her vendor it was and I ordered 250 sheets!!! Yikes! I have to cut it twice to get the blade through it even on the highest settings.

I used regular paper and cut a green rectangle for the body and then he glued pom pom's all over the body. I didn't have any pipe cleaners so we opted for feathers for antenna. So it's one of those fuzzy antenna butterflies.

So that was our art project for this week. I have a realtor coming on Saturday to tell us if we should sell our house or stay. I have a feeling it's going to be stay. The market still stinks! So the next few days are going to be marathon cleaning. :(