Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Announcement!! New series coming in January!

I know most of you are like me, at least I hope I'm not alone!  I have a bunch of projects I either started, have ideas for, or purchased kits to do and they are not done.  Whatever the reason, lost your direction, lost creativity, got bored with it, etc.

So!!!!  Join me in January for Finish it Fridays!  Pick a project, any project, and either finish it or make some significant headway on it! 

I have a pile of stuff that fits this category.  To make it easier on myself, my first installment in January will be to make my list and decide what I want to work on first.   Then gather all my supplies in one place for that project. That way I'm prepared.

And I want YOU to join me.  I'm going to figure out this linky thing so  you can all play along with me on Friday and post your finished project.

For my second announcement, I'm also going to be doing a little series on Cricut cartridges.   Be honest!  How many do you really own and how many have you actually used or touched other than to take it out of the packaging...assuming you have removed the plastic!  LOL!  I'll be using the Legacy and Imagine carts.  I have already prepared my pick list and cut my little strips of paper so I can make my choice on what will be featured. 

I'm also looking for a catchy name for this series.  I pretty sure I'm going to do it on Tuesday, but I don't want to use Technique Tuesday or Tuesday tutorial because they've been used a lot!  I need something catchy, short and to the point.  I've thought about Make and Take Tuesday, or Use it Tuesday, but I don't know....

If you have any ideas for a name for this series, leave me a comment below or on the youtube video below!

If you are interested in playing along on Tuesday, you can either use the same carts I'm using or choose 1 or 2 of your own at random.  I can do a linky, when I figure that part out, as well or maybe we can do a featured blogger.

I want to make these fun for all, so please feel free to give your ideas.