Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Out of BETA! Cricut Craft Room...

So have you heard about the Cricut Craft Room?  I've been able to play in the beta for about 3 months and I can tell you it's awesome.  I almost can't design anything without using it to see how it's going to look and even design page layouts.

I use the Cricut Imagine almost exclusively and the Craft Room has made my life so much more creative and exciting to make projects.  I still have my Expression but the poor guy has been sitting on the sidelines waiting to be used. 

I have done several projects using craft room and have videos to help guide you through how I did them with Craft Room.  Just look here for them and keep an eye out.  I'll be doing more very shortly!

For more information on the Cricut Craft Room and to play with the online version (no cutting available) or to download the small piece of code to get started designing, printing (with the Cricut Imagine) or cutting, check out the Cricut website.