Friday, September 9, 2011 not your room, Hooch...

Do you remember that movie?  Turner & Hooch?  What an awesome dog.  We had a hooch dog at one time, she is sadly no longer with us, but was one of the BEST dogs ever!  My favorite line from that movie, " not your room".  I love it!  Hooch finally gets his own room, or rather run of the house.  And no they don't slobber like that either!  Movie embellishment....

So this project is just to designate MY room in the house.  There seem to be little ghosts that run wild in my house taking things that don't belong to them and never returning them.  The "not me" ghost strikes at any time and without warning!  Usually when I'm in a time crunch to get something done and that tool I need....just disappeared.  Darn that ghost.

Below you will find the video link for this project.  I have included a little on the Cricut Craft Room as well in the video.

For this project you will need...

  1. An acrylic piece in your shape of choice.
  2. Black Vinyl
  3. Cartridges:
    • Imagine: Audry
    • Imagine: Lori's Garden
    • Cricut: Martha Stewart Cake - All Occasion (or other with a butterfly)
    • Gypsy Font (gypsy required)
  4. Mulberry flowers
  5. Pip Berry sprigs in ivory
  6. Flat back Pearls - various sizes
  7. Prima pearls with roses
  8. Tim Holtz adage ticket and clasp
  9. Ribbon
  10. Glue dots and dimensional adhesive
  11. Vellum adhesive

  1. On the Imagine, select the proportionate rectangle 8:10 from the stock images.  Set your size to 7 and flood fill with the green pattern from Audry (page 4, right image).
  2. Insert Martha Stewart (or other) and select the butterfly (page 43, shift + button) and flood fill with pattern from Lori's Garden (page 42, left image).  Size butterfly at 2".
  3. Attach green pattern paper from step 1 to the reverse side of the acrylic shape, pattern side up.
  4. Cut your letter of choice from Gypsy Font (or other font) at 3" in black vinyl.  Adhere to front of acrylic shape.
  5. Adhere flat back pearls to vinyl letter.
  6. Punch or cut 5 small flowers from a coordinating pink paper from Lori's Garden.
  7. Adhere to butterfly on right wing in a random pattern.  Adhere small pearls to the center of the flowers.
  8. Use 2 way glue pen to add glue to outside edge of the butterfly and sprinkle with glitter.
  9. Place a partial Prima pearl and rose flourish on the front of the acrylic shape.
  10. Add a dimentional to the body of the butterfly and position above Prima flourish.
  11. Build mulberry flower spray on scrap paper from step 1.  Adhere to acrylic shape with glue dots.
  12. Distress a Tim Holtz adage ticket and attach to acrylic shape with a clip.
  13. Add ribbon and tie a bow at the top to hang.
And you are done and ready to let everyone know...this is not their room!

For more information on how to use the proportionate rectangles on your imagine stock images, check out this blog post.