Friday, September 23, 2011

Memory Game - Buccaneer Cartridge

I just recently acquired the Buckaneer cartridge. I've been trying to decide for a while if I really needed it and decided I did. There are so many cute images on this cartridge and having a almost 3 year old, I figured it would come in handy. Not to mention I have a ton of pictures from Disney that I can use this cartridge and scrapbook them, someday....

While playing around in Craft Room, I decided to make something for my little guy. I made the pirate hat, which was ripped in less than 5 minutes, so back to the drawing board! I decided to use the images and create a game for him.

It's a memory game. You scramble all the cards and lay them out on the table. Try to find the matches, the one with the most pairs wins! The bright colors and awesome graphics on the cartridge are perfect for this project.

In craft room, I layed out individual rectangles about the size of playing cards. I flood filled them with the parchment paper (page 44). I then selected images from the cartridge and layered them on the "cards". I started with a small selection of images. Later on I can add other images to make the game more challenging.

Only print this side of the image sheet.

After, I turned the image sheet over and printed a full sheet from my Imagine of one of the pattern papers. I used the one on page 40, red background and boat anchors. After printing the reverse side, cut each card using a paper trimmer.

For the back of the cards, I also printed out the X marks the spot image on page 27. Since this is very white when printed on white paper, I used Vintage Photo distress ink to age the piece. I then attached it to the backside of each card.

I'm back to using the clear contact paper again. I love this stuff! I cut a strip of the contact paper and layed a handful of the cards on it. Cut another piece and cover the cards. Cut around each card leaving about 1/8" allowance. This is the same thing I did for my bookmark.

And you are done!

To store, I picked up a set of cards in the clear plastic containers from the Michaels $1 bin. When craftroom is working for me again, I'm going to embellish the clear container and add instructions on the inside of the lid. But for now, clear is all I have!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks free style project. I'll be back next Saturday for another great project.

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