Sunday, July 31, 2011

Food for thought - CKC King of Prussia

Well it is time at CKC.  It was AWESOME!!!  I took 3 classes and did a little shopping.

My first class was the Family History and Recordkeeping.  It was FAST FAST FAST...holy cow.  We did 3 or 4 double page layouts in 1 hour.  I NEVER scrap that fast!  I have to do some stuff, get up and walk around, talk to myself...come on, you all know you do it!  LOL!  I didn't even do the last page.  It was the family tree with the pictures and titles.  I have to figure out who, what, and (if?) everything else before I do that one. 

So before I go on, let me explain the logistics of the vendor fair and classrooms.  The vendor fair was in the convention center, yea I know, no duh....the the RADISSON Hotel....OMG I felt like I was switching planes.  You know how that is...get off at one gate, you have 5 minutes before they take off on your connecting flight and you are hauling butt through the airport with a carryon and a 3 year old mowing people down as you go...  Got that image???  It's like that. LOL!

So my first class is in the hotel, ran late of course.  I was running, almost literally, back to the convention center to meet my sister in law.  We brought lunch so we sat outside for a few mintues, inhaled sammies, and then went on to the Boxer Palooza class with Angie.  What a hoot!  She gave out TONS of stuff, awesome stuff and of course I had to go find her booth.  We got this really cool paper that is white embossed on white.  I'll show you a sampling later...teaser....

My last class was Kid Explosion.  The papers were cute but I'm not sure I would take this one again.  Again very fast! 

Don't worry, I'll post pictures as soon as I get unpacked...maybe do a video...  As usual I forgot my video camera and regular camera for the show.  Duh moment.  But it's a convention so it's the usual suspects and same stuff.

Oh and there was this girl with the glue there.  OMG can I just tell you how cool was that.  I didn't buy her glue, a tad expensive for me, but my sister in law got sucked in!  I'll find out what it was and post it.  She did the coolest thing, used the glue, pounced it on her stamp...yep right on the stamp...and then after it dried for a few seconds, applied super fine glitter (which she also sold) and it stuck.  WAY cool.

Next year, I'm going to plan 2 days.  Thursday for sure to shop since it was not busy and then Friday for classes.  It was really fun.  I'll have to talk Pocono Pam into attending on Thursday next year.  We could get into so much mayhem.