Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CK Scrapbook Convention

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day!  I almost feel like a kid the day before Christmas.  I am heading to Valley Forge PA for the CK Scrapbook Convention!!!  I'm dropping the kids at nana's house and we are off.  I'm heading out with my sister in's going to be a good time!

The last adventure we took was at a rubber stamp show in York PA.  It was ok, not many vendors and we learned a lot of lessons.  1, don't take kids in strollers.  He ended up a battering ram after a while.  Poor kid!  2nd....bring lunch.  OMG what I could have purchased with the $$$ I could have saved by bringing lunch!

I told my husband I was taking the car to the show.  The parking is tight and trying to park a dually truck would just be a nightmare...not for me but I am sure I would make someone mad.  As it is I take a space and a half long just to park.  And if it's not wide enough my wheels are in the ajoining spaces.

I asked him to also clean out the trunk.  You know, just in case someone breaks into it...there will be nothing there...besides I need the space.  He agreed and then said..WHAT???  Space???  Whoa (that's what you get living in Amish Country!).  HAHA  it was funny.  We laughed....but it's a LOT of space to fill.  :)

We are going to try and get there early to get good parking and first in line.  I'm sure we won't be the first ones there. 

I'm taking 3 classes and I can't wait.  I'm taking a family tree layout class, a class on the latest trends, and another layout for kids class.  I'm hoping to learn a ton and share when I get back.  I'm going to charge up my video camera and make sure I get some pictures to share.

I'm off to get organized and pack my stuff.  Can't forget anything...but I could buy it there right?!?  hehe....