Monday, July 25, 2011

All things work out and some AWESOME NEWS!!!

Ok, first off, the economy stinks.  Sometimes I wonder how we even make it.  Being in business for yourself is NO easy task.  It's a ton of hard work.

Just this morning I was asking GOD to give me a little help.  I've been down in the dumps because business has been bad. 

In April I sent my little guy's (almost 3  years old now...WOW!) pictures into a local modeling agency.  Everyone kept telling me he should be in commercials or I finally caved and did it.  I was just thinking they never called, wonder if I should follow up. 

Well, just when you think things aren't going your way...maybe I've finally done something good and am being rewarded. 

I got a call from the modeling agency, he was selected for a MAJOR chain and nationwide usage of his photos.  OMG are you kidding?!?!?!?  He is one of the two they selected and there are two alternates.    Tomorrow he goes on his first shoot.  It's so exciting. 

THEN...I was heading out to the garage to work on my home business.  If you don't already know, I sell used golf carts, fix them up, do service and even make them all fancy for people.  Yea, I'm a gear head...HAHA...  But there was a gentleman from a local campground trying to find us.  He was actually backing out when I caught him.  He came to the garage, looked at the carts, picked one out and paid on the spot.  THANK  YOU JESUS! 

Next, the AWESOME NEWS!  I applied to be on the design team for the Creative Critterz Imaginations.    I've applied for several and never made any...till now!!! 

I'm so excited to be a part of this team.  When I saw the post that I was selected, I jumped all around my kitchen like a looney bird.  Arms flailing and jumping around.  My son's thought I was nuts! 

So there you go...things are starting to turn around for the moment.  Hopefully my good luck continues.  Now if I could just get someone to donate a new roof for me I'll be set!  Wishful thinking....I know....