Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More cartridges? I can't pass up a bargin!

I can't be bored.  Why you ask?  Because I almost always end up on eBay.  Lately my mojo has left the building and I've been left with my computer and the internet...BUT I did score some awesome deals on eBay.  I purchased 4 new cartridges...yes 4.  All of them pattern cartridges.  I'm just not thrilled with the imagine art cartridges, maybe I'm just in a funk, I don't know, all I know is they don't thrill me at all.  Too cartoony I guess.

I ended up getting Hopscotch for under $12, and all 3 snapshot cartridges (texture, nature, and everyday) for under $9 and one under $8 each.  I think they will be a great addition to my stash and I have used the Nature one already for some cards.  Stay tuned on that....I'll be back to making tutoral videos soon.