Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cartridge Update - The Best of Pixar

Well it has arrived! Yeah! My excitment was until I tried to make one of the characters. OIY! What a pain!

I started with Sully from Monsters, Inc. First to figure out the correct colors. Still don't have them right but oh well it's just a test run. He's cut out (yes I need a new blade!) and put together. Whew, the small pieces are killer. I cut him at 5" and just got the eyes on.

I then tried Mike also from Monsters, Inc. Less pieces, should be easy right? Cut him at 5" also and the fingernails...what finger nails? Where the heck are they? Yea, speck of dirt on the table. Not even sure where they are and I know they cut out....there is a hole in the paper where they should have been.

All I can hope is that Provo Craft gets this Imagine to do as advertised. They say we will be able to color and layer and cut a flat image. Won't that be nice.

All I would be happy with right now is getting this darn thing calibrated right.

I know Mike is supposed to be smaller BUT if I cut him any smaller than 5" the pieces would be so small I'd never find them!