Saturday, March 26, 2011

Imagine update...why do I have to insert a cartridge when it is on my Gypsy?

I posted a video on my YouTube channel about the latest Gypsy and Imagine update just recently.  Some of you had a great question and I'm going to try and explain it here.  I plan to do a follow up video for all of us visual learners too!  (I'm one of those!)

The question is:  Why do I still need to insert my Imagine art/pattern cartridges in the Imagine when printing and cutting from my Gypsy.  I have installed the cartridges on my Gypsy...or have we???

When we did get the ability to put our Imagine art and pattern cartridges on our Gypsy, Provo Craft discovered that the information or instructions contained on the Imagine cartridges was too large for the Gypsy memory to hold.

What they have done in order to allow us to design and cut/print from our Gypsy is give us a skinny down version of the Imagine cartridge on our Gypsy.  What we have on the Gypsy is the visual part of the cartridge.  We can see the patterns and images and are able to use them.

When we print and cut, however, we still need to insert the Imagine Pattern/Art cartridge in the Imagine itself.  Why?  So it has the "instructions" on how to cut and color the images.  It's not the perfect solution but it works for now. 

Hope that answers this question for many of you.  I know it's a pain right now but maybe there is a solution in the works.  It could be why Provo Craft has come out with the new FREE program Cricut Craft Room (CCR for short - no it's not Creedence Clearwater Revival LOL!).  That is due to release some time in April, it's in beta testing right now.  I can't answer any questions on that as I'm not a beta tester.  And did I mention it was FREE!!!!

If you have any other questions please comment below.  I'll do my best to answer them for you to the best of my knowledge. 

Stay tuned, I'll post a follow up video coming up early in the week.  I would do it this weekend but we are expecting guests and I won't have time to film, process and upload.  So keep watching!