Monday, March 28, 2011

Help me Help you. Ask questions about the Imagine and Gypsy and I'll answer.

We all know that the Imagine has been out for about 6 months.  There have been some updates to both the Gypsy and Imagine. 
But do you know what all the new features are?
Do you know how to use it effectively?
Do you have questions and just don't know where to ask?

Do I sound like an infomercial yet??  Lol!

I have been noticing and so have a lot of you that there have been some major upgrades to the Gypsy and Imagine software/firmware lately BUT where is the instruction on how to use them?

There are new rectangles with funny numbers in them now included in the stock images.  Now you can design on your gypsy but how do you get the cartridges on there to use them?  And what do you do now that they are on there?

I know there are so many questions floating around in your heads, let me answer them for you.  I don't work for Provo Craft but I have spend enough money on their products and know how frustrating it can be with no instructions or guidance on the updates for these machines.  Even just using them, the documentation is lacking.

So I'm here to hopefully fix all this.  There is NOTHING to buy.  It is FREE.  All you need to do is ask away.

I'm looking for any and all questions.  Don't be afraid to ask.  Whether it be how to, what do I do next, or just general information before you make the purchase.

Start submitting questions now.  Starting the week of April 18th, 2011 I'll be compiling and producting videos to answer your questions.

Even if it's a question you figured out the answer to, submit it anyway.  There is more thank likely a person out there who has the same question or issue.

Click above on the Submit A Question link and fill out the form, it's that easy.  And don't forget to subscribe so you can get notified when the videos are published.

Thanks!  Kris