Thursday, January 6, 2011

Marion's 31 Day Challenge - Day 6 BEFORE the cleanup

Well I shot this video last night because it takes so long to process the darn videos before I can upload them. I swear, my next computer is going to be a Mac. I can't even believe those words are coming out of my mouth! I've been a die hard PC since the inception of computers. Yes, I am that old. Punch card old....LOL!

Anyway, my day started off with a bang...sewer guy came to pump the tanks and found out I have to repair a tank that is starting to crumble. Great, add that to the new roof I need and leaky water tank in the basement...can it get any worse? Of course, my cork screw could break and I'd have no relief!!!!

So here is the before vid. Hopefully I can get something accomplished and posted tonight.