Sunday, October 24, 2010

Those darn RGB codes and the Cricut Imagine

For all of you who have purchased a Cricut Imagine, do you love it?  I'm struggling myself with the RGB codes.  First of all they don't print like they look on the screen.  They are much lighter on the Imagine screen than what actually prints out on the machine.  So you have to adjust a bit and play till you find out what works.

For my reference I have downloaded and printed two RGB charts.  These by no means have all the possible RBG colors on them, just a sampling.  You can get close to what you are looking for and tweek to your hearts content.

Here are the two I have.  I'm also working on doing one for the stampin up colors. 

Just note:  Not all printers print the same.  I printed mine on an HP Photo printer and they are a bit different on the Imagine.  Not by much but a little bit.  And both machines are HP.  Keep this in mind.