Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little guy's Jersey

My little guy wants to be like his big brother.  Big brother plays football.  I used my Expression and freezer paper to make this shirt for him to wear to the football games.  It was very easy to do, I layed everything out on my Gypsy and reversed it.  Place freezer paper shiny side up on your mat and cut.  Use a DRY iron, and place shiny side down on a pre-washed t-shirt and iron.  I had to iron, place the other pieces down and iron again.  Make sure all your edges are good and stuck down.

Place something between the shirt layers to catch all the paint that may bleed through.  I used a cereal box cut down.

I used gold fabric paint and had to do two coats.  Let dry a bit, and remove freezer paper while paint is still a bit wet.  Otherwise it gets stuck down with the paint.  Let dry 24 hours and heat set with a DRY iron and you are ready to go!

You can see on my sample, I hurried through the process and some of the paint got under the 'stencil'. 

Give it a try, it's really easy!