Sunday, February 21, 2010

Product Review - Martha Stewart Score Board vs. Scor-Pal

The following review is based on my research on the Martha Stewart Score Board and the Scor-Pal Board. After my research was complete, I did purchase the Martha Stewart Score on to find out why!

---The Scor-Pal---

Rating: 3 Stars

Cost $39.99 + S/H
Available at online retailers and some LSS

From looking at the Scor-Pal pictures, you can see there are score lines in various positions on the board.

The grooves are in positions that makes it easy to do standard card scoring, for gatefold cards, boxes etc. But what if you want to make something other than a standard project? Well here is where the differences need to move your project around to get the score lines you need. Say you need to score your paper at 2" and then at 2 1/8". On the Scor-Pal there is a groove at 2" but the next one is at 2 1/2". So what do you do? You have to move your project around until you find a location that has an increment of 1/8" from a score line.
A perfect example is on this project located on their website. Look at step 4 in particular.

In addition, you cannot easily make envelopes with the Scor-Pal. There is no guide to use to get the perfect 45 degree angle and make your scores.

---The Martha Stewart Score Board---

Rating 5 Stars

Price $19.99
Available at Michaels and you can use your 40% coupon

bringing the cost to $12.00

With that in mind, lets take a look at the Martha Stewart Score Board. Martha's board has scoring grooves every 1/8". This makes it easy to score any project without having to shift your work in search of the proper score marks. It is made from an ivory colored plastic with the numbering in black and the signature Martha blue. Very easy to read. In addition she has provided a storage space at the top to keep the bone folder that comes with the board. Under the flap is a guide that tells you how to make standard sized cards and boxes. It tells you what size paper to start with and where to score. Easy as that!

Card Guide

Box Guide

The included envelope guide also has measurements printed right on it for envelopes to match the standard sized cards on the storage flap. It also tells you what size cardstock to start with and where to score. It can't get much easier that this! The triangle envelope guide also slides into the bottom of the score board for easy storage. No losing parts!

Envelope Guide

Envelope Guide Storage at bottom of board

Martha and team must have put some serious thought into this product. It is very well constructed and markings are easy to read making using the product very easy to use. You almost don't even need the instructions that come with the board.

With all the pros and cons of the 2 boards, in my opinion I feel the Martha Stewart Score Board wins hands down. I like this board because of price, placement of the scoring grooves allowing for flexibility in your projects, envelope making guide and the measurement guides that are right at your fingertips.