Monday, October 26, 2009

Funny AC Moore story...

When the new cartridges came out from Provo Craft I knew I had to run right out and get them. And what is better than new cartridges on sale? I know, ON SALE!!! AC Moore had them on sale for $29.99 and I HAD to get them. So, I mosey down to the store and guess what! All the ones I wanted....not in stock. Of course, just my luck....but....I got a rain check for all of them. Yipee.....that was August 24th!

Fast foward a few weeks, almost a we are again....but it is Michaels running the sale! Same price...woo hoo....I've been calling AC Moore every Monday to see if the truck brought my cartridges. I swear they know my voice. Now this is crazy to wait so long on the I found out so many people wanted the cartridges and they had over 100 rainchecks out and Provo Craft wasn't sending them the items.

Of course I ran out the DAY that Michaels sale started. Got all 3 of them that day....they had plenty, and now I'm a happy girl!

Ok, today, this is the funny part...I get a call from...guess who...AC MOORE! We have one of your cartridges of your 3 you wanted. Uh, it's been 2 months since I placed that rain check. Told them I got all the ones I had with a rain check at Michaels when they had their sale. You know what they said? "Oh, ok." OK??? You just lost a sale?!?!?! I never understand retail sometimes!