Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Provo Craft Gadget - The Gypsy

Provo craft has announced a new hand held device that will allow you to design, like design studio minus the computer, and cut directly on your cricut.

I first saw this advertised on the Michaels web site -

I did a little research. I appears that you sync your cricut cartridges with the device and it must write something back to the cartridge to tell it that you have already sync'd it with a gypsy. That is Provo Crafts way of not allowing the cartridge to be linked with any other gypsy and thus making you buy new cartridges, not borrow a friends to sync up. After sync'ing your cartridges, you can then design and cut without having to have a cartridge in the machine or your jukebox.

So, ok that is cool but I have some questions and concerns.....

1. the cost of the devices is (from what I can find) is between $250 and $300. A little steep for a hand held device.

2. What happens, after I load my cartridges, if, GOD forbid, the unit is lost, stolen, or damaged? If I do take the plunge and buy another, how do I resync my cartridges???? Not sure I like the security of the cartridges vs. the advertisement of "saving" them for backup.

3. What if I have a cartridge I no longer want or use and would like to sell it? If the receipient already has a gypsy and I have one and have sync'd the cartridge, they won't be able to put it in their gypsy. And vice versa, I buy a cartridge from someone else, used....

I would have like to see Provo Craft update the desktop software in addition to creating this new device. The software is great but lacks some basic functions, like grouping and handle functions to move and resize your image. I get confused when I rotate an object, the handles go with the rotation. I forget that and end up resizing when I wanted to move....sigh...

Do I think it's a cool idea....heck yea. But I can't see myself spending the money on something that cost as much or more than my machine just to get it to cut out welded words and images. It has to do more than the, now unfortunatley, outdated sofware does to be worth it. From what I see, it's not really there for me.