Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

Well we made it through another 4th of July. Camping was great, but the weather a bit cold for July!

The campground was not as crowded as Memorial Day...thank GOD! We couldn't even drive in and out without people being in the way.

Ahhhh, the entertainment....who needs fireworks when you have drunk kareoke?!? And I have video....brewhaaaaa....just you wait till I get this new software loaded and the video edited....Youtube here we come!

I did get the chance to go to my new favorite scrapbooking store. I got a ton of paper for 10 cents and some for 40 cents. The regular paper was only 69-89 cents for the great 2 sided paper from Bo Bunny. What a steal!

I'll shoot a video with my new flip video camera and post it too!