Sunday, June 28, 2009

All Star Game

Whew. Baseball season is finally done. The All Star Game was last night. We were late...the coach never called to tell us to be there 1 hour ahead of the game time (7pm).

The game was finally over at 10pm after 6 innings of play. Our team won, YEA! 12-5. Alex got to pitch. This was his 5th inning of pitching over several games and still a no hitter! Go Alex!

I took a bunch of video of him pitching, will post when I get them off the camera.

Did I tell you how much I love this Flip Ultra HD camcorder? It's the size of a cell phone and is so easy to use and works great! Two thumbs up!

Now, on to the football season. Already! Starts in July with speed camp....not sure we are attending these this year. Then in August we start 3 weeks of grueling practice. This year I get to lug all the baby stuff with me. It was easy last year with him in my belly. Not so much this year!